How to Pick Lotto Numbers Using the 2 Way linked Lottery System

What is the 2 Way Lottery System?

The Two Way linked lottery system is a technique of picking winning numbers by using The Wheeling Systems. Most other systems of picking lottery numbers requires you to get 6 lucky numbers or a lottery system that churns out a winning number by wheeling it out. But of course, not every combination will work for you and you only have your luck to back you up. This wheeling system may work for other players but not for you.

The wheeling system may work for other players but not for you. This is one of the main ways that you can improve your odds of winning a prize.

How Does The Two Way Lottery System Work?

This is a technique of pitting all your chosen numbers against the numbers drawn for the lottery. It is also called wheeling or wheeling systems or motor racing systems. Other players use this technique to devise their number combinations. But of course, you can also do this on your own.

Under this technique, you can easily choose your own number combinations. But of course, the most important thing by doing this is to ensure that your number combinations are not a repeated number combination like Example: 6, 12, 23, 30, 36…

If you are making your own number combination, you can ensure that the two way lottery system helps you to come up with the winning number combination.

When you wheel your number combinations, you give yourself a better chance of winning a prize. So you will have the probability to win a prize in two ways. By giving your number combinations a close look, you will be able to find the winning lottery number combination.

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More than getting six lucky numbers, you can also win prizes when you use the two way lottery system. This system gives you the advantage of making your number combinations as exact as possible. The system also allows you to easily chose your own number combinations.

When you use the two way lottery system, along with a bit of luck, you can easily win several prizes. Although you’ve got to gamble, never forget to place your bets on a reliable number. The key to this strategy is to make sure that the number you pick is not a repeated number combination.

Another strategy is to never use the same number twice. The strategy is strong if you own a proper strategy. You see, certain number combinations do not appear due to the passing of time. The chances of your number combination to come up will be very slim if you use the same number twice. In fact, there is no guarantee that you will even get a combination of more than once.

By using the strategy carefully, you can be sure you will win no matter how many times you will repeat the same number. Another thing you can do is to avoid the rush and buy in one of the lottery tickets one by one. Statistics show that the more you buy, the less likely you are to win. You can also play with a set number of tickets. This may be a thousand tickets, a hundred thousand, or a hundred hundred. By playing this way, you may be able to guarantee yourself a prize even if you do not get the right winning number combination.

Home based Togel88 systems, whether they are the Pick 3, Pick 4, Power Ball, or Mega Millions, work by selecting a large number of numbers, usually one that is heavily based on statistics in that particular lottery. Certain numbers appear under certain conditions and combinations. If you work with the system, you can be sure that the numbers you pick are ones that have a higher percentage of winning.

There are also other programs that claim to be able to analyze the frequency of the numbers drawn and even the way in which the numbers are drawn. If the program you choose is accurate, you can be sure that you are choosing the winning numbers. You also have to make sure that the program you choose is not fraudulent. Very few of these systems are accurate. It is also important to make sure that the information it provides is valuable.

Lotto Dirty Little Secrets

Most of these systems that are claimed to be able to help you win the lottery do not actually work. Most of these are just rehashed versions of older ones that have been shown to be unreliable. If you see an article that claims a certain strategy will help you win the lotto, it is most likely that the author has simply stolen the idea from another article and used it again with a few minor changes.

Therefore, take these tips into consideration and you will increase your chances of winning the lotto. Firstly, you should not rush into buying any number of tickets as this can lead to problems. You should start with a smaller number of tickets and gradually increase the number as you start winning.

There is also another tip you should remember.

Bandar Togel Hadiah 4D 10 Juta Terpercaya dan Resmi

Situs Pengeluaran Togel Terbaik Yang Menyediakan Dealer Togel Hadiah 4D 10 Juta Aman Dan Terpercaya Tahun 2022

Di masa sekarang ini, yang mengalami kemajuan. Ada begitu banyak cara untuk mendapatkan uang secara instan dan mudah. Salah satunya adalah dengan bermain togel online. Hanya dengan bermain togel di situs bandar togel terpercaya hadiah terbesar. Untuk menemukan situs bandar togel terpercaya tahun 2022 tentu sangat sulit. Untuk itulah kami memberikan daftar Dealer Togel Terpercaya di Indonesia yang tujuannya untuk memudahkan para pemain togel untuk dapat memilih 5 bandar togel terpercaya tentunya sudah banyak bandar togel yang bergabung di situs tersebut.

Dari 5 Bandar Togel Terpercaya, kami merekomendasikan situs togel sebagai dealer hadiah 4d 10 juta paling tepercaya dan terbesar di Indonesia

Termasuk dalam daftar 5 Bandar Togel Terpercaya yang memiliki Lisensi Pagcor resmi dan diakui di Indonesia. Situs togel Bandar Togel Terpercaya dengan Hadiah Hadiah Terbesar 123 prize ini juga memiliki jenis pasaran yang sangat lengkap, berikut jenis pasaran resminya :

  • Pengeluaran HongkongPools

Banyak sekali situs Pengeluaran yang memiliki pasaran resmi yang satu ini, yang tidak lain adalah Togel Hongkong. Karena seperti yang kita ketahui togel HK sangat digemari oleh para pemain togel. Pasalnya, pasaran togel pada togel HK yang satu ini merupakan salah satu pasaran resmi. Sehingga tidak menutup kemungkinan terjadi kesalahan data atau manipulasi data nomor HK di pasar yang satu ini.

  • Pengeluaran SingaporePools

Selain pasaran togel Hongkong, pasaran SGP atau Singapore pools tidak kalah dengan pasaran resmi HK. Pasaran ini juga sangat populer dan digemari karena salah satu pasaran togel sgp memiliki 2 pasaran yaitu Togel SGP 4D dan Togel SGP Toto. Banyak pemain togel yang menyukai togel SGP ini karena selain sebagai salah satu pasaran togel resmi, togel SGP juga sangat cocok untuk taruhan.

  • Pengeluaran SydneyPools

Yang terakhir adalah Togel Sydney Pools. pada situs togel kami menghadirkan salah satu pasaran terpopuler di urutan ke 3 dimana banyak bettors menggantungkan harapan terakhirnya pada pasaran togel resmi ini. Yang pasti pasar ini sama dengan pasar togel resmi lainnya yaitu tidak ada kecurangan atau manipulasi data dalam pasar togel ini.

10 Poker Tips to Help You Raise Your Game

In many casino games learning a strategy can do little to improve your odds of winning. But if you’re playing poker, tips can be more than useful; they can be critical to your chances of winning, especially if you’re in a game where the stakes are high. Follow these valuable hints that can also serve as useful tips for online poker and your enjoyment of the game could develop into a profitable endeavor.

  1. Never gamble with “dear” money. The number one rule for gambling, and the most important of all poker tips, is to never gamble with “dear” money; only gamble with “Bolagila” money. In other words, never gamble with money that you will need now, or may need in the near future, to pay for your financial commitments and everyday living expenses.
  2. Pick Your Game Wisely. There are many types of poker games to choose from including the traditional favorites of Five Card Draw and 7 Card Stud as well as the current preferred choices of Texas Hold ’em and Omaha High. Each has different rules and different strategies so if you want to develop a winning approach pick one game to master and ignore the rest until later.
  3. Learn the Odds. When you start looking for valuable poker tips you’ll find that most of them require knowledge of probabilities on your part. You don’t have to worry about doing the calculations yourself because many experts more skilled than you have already done that. All you need to do is commit all of those odds to memory.
  4. Develop Your Table Personality. One of the most useful poker tips you can invest in is in developing your table personality. Just as you proofed for your opponents, you’ll want to do everything possible to convince your opponents that you are the kind of guy they are afraid to face.
  5. Drop the Macho Attitude. Don’t be afraid to fold a poor hand if it means slowing down and allowing your opponents to catch up with what you did. Moreover, men are known for their impatience, so don’t be afraid to fold a weak hand if it means waiting for the right moment to raise the pot and steal the easy pot.
  6. Know Your Opponents. You’ll be working hard to keep your opponents in the game so be sure to remember how they play as well as how you play your hands against them. You’ll also want to pay attention to their betting patterns, like the amount and the time period during which they play their hands.
  7. Bluff Sparingly and with a Purpose. Bluffing, or bluffing too much, can be dangerous so never bluff unless a very good reason to do so. When you bluff, do so with a purpose and do it consistently.
  8. Take Your Time. Don’t rush into a pot with a weak hand and don’t chase a draw no matter what you think your opponent has. Take your time and pick your spots.
  9. Practice, Practice, and Practise. When you play regular poker games in a live game, you’ll know what to do with almost any hand so it’s just a matter of Naturally, if you want to become a good poker player you have to read up on the game and practice, it’s a bit of a given.
  10. Know When to Fold. More often than not, poker players BEWARE of when to fold. If your hand has a chance to lose, but isn’t probably better than an 80% favorite, then you have to fold.

When you follow these simple strategies, you’ll notice your Baccarat and Blackjack winnings soar!

Online Poker Sites Price Layouts

Many online poker sites offer former residents of the United States as well as some other classes of players under its care. These are sites that cater to online poker players from around the world by providing them with a nice selection of sites at which to play their favorite form of the game on. This way, an individualized market is made up of people who would like to have access to a poker site from anywhere at any time.

The number of different online poker sites on the market today is tremendous. Each site has what is referred to as a, “priced stake.” This means that, in many cases, players are required to contribute a certain amount of money into the larger pot to be able to be included in the hand. As theucaverse has realized, poker is a game in which a player’s edge comes from the fact that he or she is able to produce a hand that, by virtue of the hand’s specific features, is statistically favorable to the player. One of the reasons behind this is because of the fact that by the very nature of the game, a hand’s value increases the more people are in the game.

One of the things that a lot of poker players like about the game is the fact that it is a game that can be played just for fun or for small amounts of money and yet it can be played as a money game for high stakes. Another thing about the game is that the game of poker has been around since the 17th century and has survived all the ages, while most of the other games have not. So there is no reason to believe that the game will not be around in the future.

But what exactly are the regulations concerning online poker sites? Are the regulations the same for all types of online poker sites? Are online poker sites obligated to follow the same regulations as conventional casinos and key institutions such as the IRS and the government? Like most things that have to do with computer software, the answer to these questions is both yes and no.

It is for the very obvious reason that internet poker is still gambling and as such, regulation is just as complicated as gambling regulation in the traditional sense. The very obvious dilemma for the government when it comes to online poker is that the United States government legalized gambling and the implications of that fact run very deep. In other words, the U.S. government legalized a commodity that has a long history of adverse effects and has a significant addictive component. Yet, they also know that people all over the world rely heavily on online poker to make money. They know that people lose their houses, their jobs, and even their relationships because of this very addiction.

So the answer to the government’s concerns would be, “Yes, online Naga303 is gambling, but it is also a highly competitive market that is fiercely regulated.” But what does the regulation mean for individual players? This brings us to the heart of the matter. Is online poker gambling, or just another type of gambling?

The history of gambling in the United States dates back to centuries. Gambling and betting have been around almost as long as human beings have. But in the last couple of centuries, the modern form of gambling has only discovered how to play in the rarest of locations, like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. But now, with the advent of the Internet, even the most adventurous of gamblers are able to virtually procuring what they want by means of online betting.

According to the Tax Richard And Large Foundation’s Taxes and the Government, the estimated tax revenues to government from state lotteries in America totals more than $14 billion dollars annually. And yet, there is a lot of room for disaster in many states because of outdated gaming laws. These outdated laws protect not just old lottery types, but also horse racing and even dog betting. By prohibiting these types of bets from legally being placed on the betting mulitipoaled, the government is again putting itself in an impossible position.

But online poker raises a very important point. Is the government really trying to ban online poker because people are playing it? Or is the government looking at the volume of players playing online poker and understanding that this rises into a newType of gambling, one that is avoidable.

In the last 5 years, people have lost over 300 million dollars playing online games, according to the industry tracked by the Tax Foundation. What happens to these people when the government tries to ban online poker? Are they going to stop playing, or are they going to become Blackjack addicts and stop playing Blackjack in order to try to cure their addiction?

Casinos – The Good, The Bad and the Rogue

For the past 10 or so years there has been a constant increase of new online casino players from Europe, Canada and many other countries. Only in the United States has a decrease of online gaming occurred due to a lot of political issues and laws surrounding online gambling.

There are many various kinds of online casinos on the internet. The majority of on-line casinos are simple one-off games in which you simply have to download the software, open an account and start playing. Some of these simple online casino games have a variety of different card and table games integrated into the operating system. The latest trend is to have online card games in the browser using Flash.

Flash games are popular because much like reloadable downloadable casino software games, they allow you to play with a limited supply of max coins.ington casinos load by eating up the memory and operating system of your computer. There are no downloaded versions of Flash games and you will experience the best game play with the maximum number of coins.

There are several websites that have been released over the past couple of years that have aimed to bring casino gaming to the web at large. For example, Carbon Poker which is affiliated with the online gaming giant, Microgaming. While not a site on its own, Carbon Poker has become one of the most popular casinos to play online poker. The reason for this is because they have well developed software which brings watchdogs. You can find out more about thisavid e casinosthat can be played via the internet at large.

There are also downloadable online Dewacasino software programs that you can load onto your computer and use for fun offline. This is great entertainment and if the program loads quickly, you can always go to the casino or play online bingo and baccarat on the site.

There are many types of games that you can visit and many different card and table games for you to try. The downloadable software will add a great variety to the games that you can play at home or away. You will be able to experience new types of games that you have never played and have a great time along the way!

The downloadable software allows you to visit one of the many card and table games that are for sale. If you visit a few of the sites that offer casino gaming for sale, you will be able to see a variety of games from roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, keno, poker, and many more.

Although you may be able to find a variety of card and table games in one of these download slots, the main selection is always going to be blackjack. The same is true of the downloadable software. As soon as you download the software, you will be able to download the flash version of the casino’s card and table games. Almost all of the casinos that offer a download online casino game selection have a practice or demo section that you can download and try out the games without betting real money.

Once you download the casino, you will be able to play at the free playing level if you want to. (The download software is always provided with the protection by the online casino to prevent you from downloading any spyware or adware).

If you decide you don’t want to download the casino games, you can always visit the website of the casino that is offering it. Most of the casino websites are compatible with many of the popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 6, Internet surfing software in the form of Internet Edge or offline software like Macromedia Flash, Java, Macromedia Shockwave or the offline Java. Most of the latest online casinos also have a non-download version of their software that you can use with your mobile phone.

The online casino games that offer a no download version have much lower download requirements than the downloaded casino software. The no download versions also tend to have better graphics and game variety compared to the typical download version.

Try Online Poker Sites Risk Free Before Making A Deposit

If you are sick and tired of having to plan out a long weekend just to enjoy one of your favorite pastimes, now you can play all the poker that you want on the internet. That is correct, no longer do you have to get into your car and drive for hours, just to get to your favorite brick and mortar casino.

You also do not have to stay in some smelly hotel room, or eat restaurant food that taste like it has been sitting around for hours just to play some poker. In fact, regardless of what time of the day it is, or what day of the week it is, you can always find a game online.

The best part of this whole equation is that in order to test out an online casino, you have nothing to lose. The best online poker sites offer a risk free trial period. Yes, you can play for free.

What normally takes days, or even weeks, in getting to a casino, can usually be done in mere minutes, by signing up with an online poker site. Many of these free poker rooms are just testing new software versions, and want to get as many people on their site as possible.

These free poker rooms are lots of fun, especially if you are already a seasoned poker player, and want to test out a new strategy or two. What better way to do it than by trying out a risk free risk free trial?

Offending your sensitive subconscious with a trigger, that’s what these free poker rooms are all about. sensitive subjects matter to them. Like gambling, or sex. sensitive topics that they really want you to feel comfortable with them. They don’t want you to feel uncomfortable and they don’t want to appear to be uninterested in a topic that is personally sensitive to them.

This is why a good poker room offers a risk free trial. They want you to feel as comfortable as possible. In fact, they want you to come back again and again.

To keep you in their pocket, and in your house. After you have enjoyed yourself with one of their free poker games, you can sign up for a member account and they will give you a cash bonus. More money for them.

The art of advertising is a constant one. In order to get your foot in the door, they have a variety of ways to entice you.

They offer first time members a free poker tournament where you can play with others at their site. Play for free and take home money.

Big money poker games are live games with televised poker tournaments shown on television. meaning big money prizes.

Poker Stars has tournaments where you can compete for charity and for local charitable organizations. Put yourself in touch with some of the charitable sites that benefit from your poker tournament and you will see yourself in a good light.

Plus, anything goes online, you know, the links you click away.

It is important to avoid linking your real money poker account to any other casino or sportsbook. Unless you are an insider, alassman, or work for the company, it is very easy to link your account to your online poker room.

Finally, prudently manage your online Dewatogel bankroll. This may mean that you cannot limp into a tournament. You have to take a stand.

Conventionally a sit and go tournament is played with ten players, and the top three players receive cash prizes. Now, if you only bought in for ten, you are in the top three. But if you are one of the three, you get a free entry into the next tournament.

Conventionally, the sit and go is played around the clock. This means that you could be at the computer at home in California, and at 2:30am in New Jersey, and win money!

The Hottest New Pool Party Trends Today!

In the last few years, Fiesta has really come into its own as a ultimate pool party destination. Not only that, but the availability of inexpensive vacation rentals combined with Fiesta’s mega- Balkavority has made Fiesta “La Fiesta” everywhere. However, if you’re looking for something a little outside the ordinary to get the party started, or if you want to have all the fun yourself, we’re here to give you some killer advice. Enter theija pool, poolside cabana rentals, for a unique and elegant approach to your pool party.

Can you imagine having cabanas in Vegas or Macau, swimming pools in Europe,Champagne coolers in bottle shops, ice cream sundaes, bagatelliers, et cetera.urous Hippodromeque whenever you wanted to relax, others to share in your excitement, and you would be eagerly prepared to return for more fun and more relaxation. Well, if you’re ready to pay a little bit more for cabana rentals, inflatables, party cruises, and fun cruises, then craps tables, dice, and dices, then craps parties might be just the thing you are looking for.

If you want the Most Balls party experience, look for the Fun Book rental available for your party. This package provides everything you will need to make your casino night a success. They know that even after all the fun and relaxation, there will still be that something left in the tank that stirs the great game of craps. And, if you want to really have some fun, betting big is fun too. Betting big! You could inflate the cost of the party by 20% or more, if you want to bet on big names, or go all out with an auction where you save on the expenses of cashing out all your previous bets. Every gaming establishment all over the world has craps tables. Why not have a Vegas night and invite your friends over, top out your tabs, and start betting on the hop. If your friends are reluctant to get involved in a dice game, or feel like they are outmatched by the Vegas88 dealers, then keep the fun rolling by padding the budget with fun party rentals.

P Breeches

P Benny’s will give you the opportunity to experience the Vegas feel, if you dress up in the proper way. They has replicas of tables from all over the world, including an excellent customer appreciation lounge, with tons of Laughing stock photos, if you style your room in a Vegas-like atmosphere. All the essentials, including Vegas stools, golden Arkansas Jackpots, and more.


Bally’s Hollywood Casino and Hotel has all of the it takes for a Hollywood style casino night, including the Kentucky Derby, Academy Awards, and more. They might not glam up your event, but they will provide the atmosphere of the event you finance with their high quality poker tables, and after party entertainment.


Caesars Palace has the luxury of being the home of the largest p registrations in the history of the World Series of Poker. Their poker rooms are a finale to your event, or maybe it’s the venue you need to spruce up your event. This is the place to pin the hat on your head, if you’re a hopeless romantic.

We sure hope that our Top Picks were able to help you plan your special event. We can help you celebrate all the details, and make sure the details are ones that you are comfortable with. We’ve aligned all the pieces so the outcome will be just what you have planned. If it doesn’t quite fit the picture, then we’ll ask you what you need to get done to make it work for you. We’ve heard from some of our own folks that they took our advice, and decided to get their events planned the right way. setup. We want the success of our Top Picks to mean something to you, so we made it very easy for you. We’ll keep this newsletter updated as we close in on our goals for the 12 Days of Poker.

How to Make Money With Roulette – Is it Possible?

How to make money with roulette? I hope you got your answer already. It is certainly a challenging task, and there is no simple formula to it. Many experts will claim that it is almost impossible to beat the wheel, but there are certain ways to increase you chances of winning. In fact, there are a small arsenal of proven techniques that will show you how to win more often than losing. These techniques are reputed to Language Learning in the brain, which we also learned in our French lessons.

The wheel is truly random, and finding patterns on it are truly an art, but as we see, there are some patterns that the wheel does in fact follow. Though it is truly random, randomizing it overall will still create certain biases. Of course, it is possible that the wheel will be biased 30% of the time, but that can go both ways-the probability is still the same. Also, casinos have the machines ringing off and fast to throw you out if you didn’t buy in, which further proves that the odds are not in your favor.

The first thing to consider is learning how to adjust the bias on the wheel. If you are playing roulette in a single zero wheel, you will encounter a bias all the time, mainly because of the way the wheel is built. A single zero wheel has slots that aren’t precisely the same in height and bias. You will see slots that are higher than others, with a variance of about 1.6% or so.

By observing the wheel, you will notice that the numbers are completely off proportionally, from what we’ve learned. Knowing this, you can adjust the bias by placing a bet on a single number, or wait for a casino to have a pattern. Once you understand the variance, you can then adjust your wager. This might suggest another system of betting; you can give yourself a little edge, but remember you will still lose!

Here are some suggestions about recognizing the zero (or numbers, 1 – 36) and the bets:

The house has a very light wheel, as opposed to the other wheels, and the lighter ones have numbers that are more numerous (and thus, bettors have more chances of winning). Place your odds bet on the lighter wheel.

If you’re playing roulette and wondering why it seems like the ball is landing on red, note that the ball has indeed settled on red for the past few spins.

Bet on a number, rather than choosing a color. This increases your odds of winning.

Bet on a group of numbers, rather than choosing just one.

This is a popular system for those that play the game, and noticed that the wheel has some strange numbers, such as odd numbers, even numbers, or red numbers, that in American roulette, twenty-three is the number that comes in. The wheel has certain numbers that are more frequently picked out than others are. If you notice whenever these numbers are coming up, you will increase your odds of beating the house roulette game.

Martingale betting:

This betting system is one that can be quite risky, and many don’t really use it. It is the classic case-of-getting-lucky-with-your-luck, where you’ll keep on betting and betting, only to see your bet lose, and then you’ll just keep on doing the same thing. The problem with this system is that eventually, you’ll run into a massive losing streak, a point that you can’t get past. Of course, it can be tempting, so the next time you do bet, be sure to play it again, and again, until your luck comes, and you win big.

There are a number of other strategies you can try, such as looking for a wheel with certain numbers that comes up. If there are a high number of numbers that often come up, then you could place your bet on these.

Finding the best odds

The game of roulette is dependent on the 39 or 40 numbers that come up, so there are normally going to be a pattern of some kind. Knowing this, however, you can attempt to predict the future by looking at which numbers are coming up more than others. However, this again is a risky strategy. Any time you play a risky strategy, you need to take some risks to stay in the game, so take your time and the pay off will be greater.

The best way to bet is an even move, a bet on red or black, or an even bet in the middle of a number. This way, you have a better chance of winning, however, you aren’t guaranteed to win, and if you lose, you only lose the amount that you bet.

Horse Racing Systems – Are You Following This Year’s Favorites?

I have been asked on many occasions ‘what do you think of the favorites in a horse race’. This is the question that Stu used to ask me. I would give Desperate Housewives a rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5.0. So I might rate Desperate Housewives as 4.5, making it the obvious choice for Favorites.

Anyway, the question is, do we still follow the favorites? I have been involved in many a race – even down to the last donkey – and I can categorically say that I have never followed the favorites. Maybe that is just me!

One afternoon, I was deep in thought, deep in meditating on what the actual truth of the matter was that I was fairly certain of. Something dawning on you – that everyone goes for the same methods and programs in horse racing. Even the slightest variation in thought can affect the outcome of the race. Unconsciously, we want to like what we have. Similarly, what we think is subconsciously true about horse racing. Personally, I like Supreme Palace. Why? Supreme Palace has been racing on all methods in the past 4 years. I don’t even remember the last time I was that much of a gambler! I can only imagine it being great fun when I say that I have won on that site! Though, that was then and this is now, and a totally different matter altogether.

Since that day, though, I have spent hours and hours looking at every race in Europe. I don’t mean to say that I don’t love the betting; I love it and I want to make some money – but I love doing it on my own terms. statistics and knowing prevalent patterns are two things that I have mastered to my benefit. I love being able to roll out a strategy and not have to rely on others to do it.

When I hear someone bragging about how they have made a killing through laying systems, I counter with something like ‘you woke up Saturday morning and decided to pay attention to racing for the first 24 hours, then you bet on every race for an hour and suddenly all 4 have sprung red like a ripe liver’. Bingo. It’s true, and all I can say is yes, most of what they say is true, but not all of it.

Laying a bet, or a portion of one, without going on board and doing the necessary research first – in any sport – is the fastest way to lose cash. Anyone can do it because pretty much everyone does it. And yet I hear about professional gamblers who make their living solely on the edge of racing. They are, in a way, incredibly disciplined. And yet these people seem to be pretty easy money lately. You know what I mean?

When I hear someone bragging about their ability to make fast money laying bets, I counter with something like ‘you woke up Saturday morning and decided to pay attention to racing for the first 24 hours, then you bet on every race for an hour and suddenly all 4 have sprung red like a ripe liver’. Bingo. I’m sure the guy’s bluff is that he’s not quite as good at picking winners as others, and he’s competitive to such a degree that he’s not really that bad at the whole thing. But you know what I mean?

I’ve had plenty of laughs listening to some of these self propelled opinions. The idea that betting is a weird art; the idea that some people are born to it, other people learn it at a later date. You’re only as good as your last bet. I learned a lot about horse racing just by spending hours and hours going from town to town, from track to track, learning the sport. Some of the greatest learning curves, and most importantly, biggest pitfalls, can be hurdle races that seem to prevent people from falling in love with their chosen sport.

then, when the Erik Seidel Memorial Trophy is presented, there’s a real sense of classicism. You can almost hear the collective gasps and groans from the rail onlookers as the Triple Crown lovers celebrate. It’s a horse race! It’s a race for horses that are not generally thought of as horse races. At least not until the final five or four consists of just two thoroughbreds and a hybrid. It’s a race that some people could call a race, a race for the most die hard horse loving folks out there.

And what would that make it any different from any other horse race in the world, with the value of “value” in the outcome of a race? I’d say this: it would make horse racing live up to its historical reputation of being nothing more than a sport for the rich and for thebred.

How to Use the D’ Alembert System to Win at Casino Gambling

I have often wondered how to use the d’Alembert system to win at casino gambling. This system is strictly a system; you can use it as a way to get a sure win, losing all of the time, or you can use it as a way to limit your losses and enjoy a few hundred dollars of casino comps every once in a while.

I came across the d’Alembert system while perusing the Internet a few years back, when I discovered a French gambling system called the “Double your money.” Upon studying this system and its myriad of crazy rules, I concluded that if you created your own unique system, such as the “D’ Alembert,” you could come close to beating Vegas.

However, when I first learned of this unique system, I was convinced that it was impossible to win. I simply could not fathom how a strategy so powerful could exist, yet when I tested it at home, I depleted its capabilities, and ended up broke. I also noticed that most of the other players at the casino were regulars, meaning that if I offered the strategy to them, they would most likely not even want to try it. Hence, I decided to create my own technique, which would work more in the long run than the “D’ Alembert,” and called it the “Casino 5000.”

This system is a betting system that is based on the fact that there are 52 cards in a standard deck of cards. Of these 52 cards, there are only two cards that have the least and two cards that have the most. When certain cards are dealt, certain machines will activate. When these cards are dealt, the remainder of the deck becomes wild and cards that have not been released will become wild again, unless you put a card into the wilds and release it.

The idea is to bet on a group of numbers that are in the same column or row on the table, and when a card is dealt that portion of the table becomes wild. You want the card to be within a certain proximity in order to win. By using the “Casino 5000” system, you can easily win several hands, but you cannot win the game itself. However, using this system does improve your chances at winning big on machines that award you with credits.

The next time you visit a casino, try this system. You will most likely lose, but you will have the money you need to live again. Winnings can be massive in size, so be sure you can afford to lose, especially to players who do not play the same way you do. The key to winning this game is to bet on a consistent basis and be sure you bet on a card that has the highest likelihood of being the one played. Take advantage of the casino’s worst away-team.

Wanna know how to win the Nevada Super Cash?

Lottery Scratch Offs

The Nevada Super Cash is a 6/49 game, meaning that you have to match 6-out-of-49 numbers to win the jackpot! A lot of lottery tickets are bought thinking that the odds of winning the jackpot will be 1-in-13-million. Yet, occasionally someone will win the jackpot and it is important to know why they won the prize.

Lottery tickets that are bought and lose have no doubt left the shop with empty pockets. Some losing tickets that are not bought ( thrown away) will reveal somewhere between £500 and £1, 000 in your pocket. These are your familiar odds. The £1-600 range is the upper end of the Loss/Theft Range. So unfortunately, “What if someone had bought those losing tickets?” You can’t help but ask “Why didn’t they just play the long shot?”

The answer is simple. They weren’t in the mood to do so, or were too interested in another game. The highly repetitive scratch game (all the cards are scratch off) is far less attractive to store clerks, bingo or lottery marketers. Lottery scratch off cards see you’ve won your big prize, and nothing else. The only thing you will probably notice is a small piece of paper (surely not your card) with your name on it. Selection of your next card is done down to the last card, then you buy your ticket and hope for the best as the game starts.

But what of those cards that you buy and lose?

If you haven’t already, try holding a tournament. You can use an old record of losses and wins to work out which cards have been most popular, then you place your bets on the ones most likely to yield a loss. Hold a quick tournament where the prize is to see who can lose the least number of sets, then the best card in the pack is declared the winner.