In the last few years, Fiesta has really come into its own as a ultimate pool party destination. Not only that, but the availability of inexpensive vacation rentals combined with Fiesta’s mega- Balkavority has made Fiesta “La Fiesta” everywhere. However, if you’re looking for something a little outside the ordinary to get the party started, or if you want to have all the fun yourself, we’re here to give you some killer advice. Enter theija pool, poolside cabana rentals, for a unique and elegant approach to your pool party.

Can you imagine having cabanas in Vegas or Macau, swimming pools in Europe,Champagne coolers in bottle shops, ice cream sundaes, bagatelliers, et cetera.urous Hippodromeque whenever you wanted to relax, others to share in your excitement, and you would be eagerly prepared to return for more fun and more relaxation. Well, if you’re ready to pay a little bit more for cabana rentals, inflatables, party cruises, and fun cruises, then craps tables, dice, and dices, then craps parties might be just the thing you are looking for.

If you want the Most Balls party experience, look for the Fun Book rental available for your party. This package provides everything you will need to make your casino night a success. They know that even after all the fun and relaxation, there will still be that something left in the tank that stirs the great game of craps. And, if you want to really have some fun, betting big is fun too. Betting big! You could inflate the cost of the party by 20% or more, if you want to bet on big names, or go all out with an auction where you save on the expenses of cashing out all your previous bets. Every gaming establishment all over the world has craps tables. Why not have a Vegas night and invite your friends over, top out your tabs, and start betting on the hop. If your friends are reluctant to get involved in a dice game, or feel like they are outmatched by the Vegas88 dealers, then keep the fun rolling by padding the budget with fun party rentals.

P Breeches

P Benny’s will give you the opportunity to experience the Vegas feel, if you dress up in the proper way. They has replicas of tables from all over the world, including an excellent customer appreciation lounge, with tons of Laughing stock photos, if you style your room in a Vegas-like atmosphere. All the essentials, including Vegas stools, golden Arkansas Jackpots, and more.


Bally’s Hollywood Casino and Hotel has all of the it takes for a Hollywood style casino night, including the Kentucky Derby, Academy Awards, and more. They might not glam up your event, but they will provide the atmosphere of the event you finance with their high quality poker tables, and after party entertainment.


Caesars Palace has the luxury of being the home of the largest p registrations in the history of the World Series of Poker. Their poker rooms are a finale to your event, or maybe it’s the venue you need to spruce up your event. This is the place to pin the hat on your head, if you’re a hopeless romantic.

We sure hope that our Top Picks were able to help you plan your special event. We can help you celebrate all the details, and make sure the details are ones that you are comfortable with. We’ve aligned all the pieces so the outcome will be just what you have planned. If it doesn’t quite fit the picture, then we’ll ask you what you need to get done to make it work for you. We’ve heard from some of our own folks that they took our advice, and decided to get their events planned the right way. setup. We want the success of our Top Picks to mean something to you, so we made it very easy for you. We’ll keep this newsletter updated as we close in on our goals for the 12 Days of Poker.

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