I have often wondered how to use the d’Alembert system to win at casino gambling. This system is strictly a system; you can use it as a way to get a sure win, losing all of the time, or you can use it as a way to limit your losses and enjoy a few hundred dollars of casino comps every once in a while.

I came across the d’Alembert system while perusing the Internet a few years back, when I discovered a French gambling system called the “Double your money.” Upon studying this system and its myriad of crazy rules, I concluded that if you created your own unique system, such as the “D’ Alembert,” you could come close to beating Vegas.

However, when I first learned of this unique system, I was convinced that it was impossible to win. I simply could not fathom how a strategy so powerful could exist, yet when I tested it at home, I depleted its capabilities, and ended up broke. I also noticed that most of the other players at the casino were regulars, meaning that if I offered the strategy to them, they would most likely not even want to try it. Hence, I decided to create my own technique, which would work more in the long run than the “D’ Alembert,” and called it the “Casino 5000.”

This system is a betting system that is based on the fact that there are 52 cards in a standard deck of cards. Of these 52 cards, there are only two cards that have the least and two cards that have the most. When certain cards are dealt, certain machines will activate. When these cards are dealt, the remainder of the deck becomes wild and cards that have not been released will become wild again, unless you put a card into the wilds and release it.

The idea is to bet on a group of numbers that are in the same column or row on the table, and when a card is dealt that portion of the table becomes wild. You want the card to be within a certain proximity in order to win. By using the “Casino 5000” system, you can easily win several hands, but you cannot win the game itself. However, using this system does improve your chances at winning big on machines that award you with credits.

The next time you visit a casino, try this system. You will most likely lose, but you will have the money you need to live again. Winnings can be massive in size, so be sure you can afford to lose, especially to players who do not play the same way you do. The key to winning this game is to bet on a consistent basis and be sure you bet on a card that has the highest likelihood of being the one played. Take advantage of the casino’s worst away-team.

Wanna know how to win the Nevada Super Cash?

Lottery Scratch Offs

The Nevada Super Cash is a 6/49 game, meaning that you have to match 6-out-of-49 numbers to win the jackpot! A lot of lottery tickets are bought thinking that the odds of winning the jackpot will be 1-in-13-million. Yet, occasionally someone will win the jackpot and it is important to know why they won the prize.

Lottery tickets that are bought and lose have no doubt left the shop with empty pockets. Some losing tickets that are not bought ( thrown away) will reveal somewhere between £500 and £1, 000 in your pocket. These are your familiar odds. The £1-600 range is the upper end of the Loss/Theft Range. So unfortunately, “What if someone had bought those losing tickets?” You can’t help but ask “Why didn’t they just play the long shot?”

The answer is simple. They weren’t in the mood to do so, or were too interested in another game. The highly repetitive scratch game (all the cards are scratch off) is far less attractive to store clerks, bingo or lottery marketers. Lottery scratch off cards see you’ve won your big prize, and nothing else. The only thing you will probably notice is a small piece of paper (surely not your card) with your name on it. Selection of your next card is done down to the last card, then you buy your ticket and hope for the best as the game starts.

But what of those cards that you buy and lose?

If you haven’t already, try holding a tournament. You can use an old record of losses and wins to work out which cards have been most popular, then you place your bets on the ones most likely to yield a loss. Hold a quick tournament where the prize is to see who can lose the least number of sets, then the best card in the pack is declared the winner.

How to Use the D’ Alembert System to Win at Casino Gambling