How to make money with roulette? I hope you got your answer already. It is certainly a challenging task, and there is no simple formula to it. Many experts will claim that it is almost impossible to beat the wheel, but there are certain ways to increase you chances of winning. In fact, there are a small arsenal of proven techniques that will show you how to win more often than losing. These techniques are reputed to Language Learning in the brain, which we also learned in our French lessons.

The wheel is truly random, and finding patterns on it are truly an art, but as we see, there are some patterns that the wheel does in fact follow. Though it is truly random, randomizing it overall will still create certain biases. Of course, it is possible that the wheel will be biased 30% of the time, but that can go both ways-the probability is still the same. Also, casinos have the machines ringing off and fast to throw you out if you didn’t buy in, which further proves that the odds are not in your favor.

The first thing to consider is learning how to adjust the bias on the wheel. If you are playing roulette in a single zero wheel, you will encounter a bias all the time, mainly because of the way the wheel is built. A single zero wheel has slots that aren’t precisely the same in height and bias. You will see slots that are higher than others, with a variance of about 1.6% or so.

By observing the wheel, you will notice that the numbers are completely off proportionally, from what we’ve learned. Knowing this, you can adjust the bias by placing a bet on a single number, or wait for a casino to have a pattern. Once you understand the variance, you can then adjust your wager. This might suggest another system of betting; you can give yourself a little edge, but remember you will still lose!

Here are some suggestions about recognizing the zero (or numbers, 1 – 36) and the bets:

The house has a very light wheel, as opposed to the other wheels, and the lighter ones have numbers that are more numerous (and thus, bettors have more chances of winning). Place your odds bet on the lighter wheel.

If you’re playing roulette and wondering why it seems like the ball is landing on red, note that the ball has indeed settled on red for the past few spins.

Bet on a number, rather than choosing a color. This increases your odds of winning.

Bet on a group of numbers, rather than choosing just one.

This is a popular system for those that play the game, and noticed that the wheel has some strange numbers, such as odd numbers, even numbers, or red numbers, that in American roulette, twenty-three is the number that comes in. The wheel has certain numbers that are more frequently picked out than others are. If you notice whenever these numbers are coming up, you will increase your odds of beating the house roulette game.

Martingale betting:

This betting system is one that can be quite risky, and many don’t really use it. It is the classic case-of-getting-lucky-with-your-luck, where you’ll keep on betting and betting, only to see your bet lose, and then you’ll just keep on doing the same thing. The problem with this system is that eventually, you’ll run into a massive losing streak, a point that you can’t get past. Of course, it can be tempting, so the next time you do bet, be sure to play it again, and again, until your luck comes, and you win big.

There are a number of other strategies you can try, such as looking for a wheel with certain numbers that comes up. If there are a high number of numbers that often come up, then you could place your bet on these.

Finding the best odds

The game of roulette is dependent on the 39 or 40 numbers that come up, so there are normally going to be a pattern of some kind. Knowing this, however, you can attempt to predict the future by looking at which numbers are coming up more than others. However, this again is a risky strategy. Any time you play a risky strategy, you need to take some risks to stay in the game, so take your time and the pay off will be greater.

The best way to bet is an even move, a bet on red or black, or an even bet in the middle of a number. This way, you have a better chance of winning, however, you aren’t guaranteed to win, and if you lose, you only lose the amount that you bet.

How to Make Money With Roulette – Is it Possible?